• 2014 Kunstvlaai – Amstelpark/Amsterdam

The large looms in the small
Hudson Museum 1:15 is a scale initiative of Art Rock Foundation. Based outside the bustle of the city centre of Rotterdam, it serves as a platform for professional Dutch and international artists who create new works especially for the museum. Building on a long tradition of small museums in Rotterdam, Hudson Museum offers a stage for artists since 2005. The museum has three rooms, two balconies and a museum staircase in the old wing. In addition, Hudson Museum also has a modern wing that consists out of three halls. Hudson Museum 1:15 presents for the special occasion at Kunstvlaai the modernist Villa Touring Hudson Museum 1:15. The managers and curators of the museum 1:15 project are Marleen van der Lecq, Agnes Roothaan and Art Collart. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hudson Museum 1:15, Hudson Museum exhibits the work of over a hundred artists in Touring Hudson Museum 1:15 at Amstelpark during Kunstvlaai 2014. This presentation was created thanks to the invitation of Noor Mertens, city curator Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam

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